Women in Action

MISSION: By empowering the potential of women, to build focused, measurable and lasting change in Ashland County.

Women in Action LogoWINA! began in the spring of 2013, when we learned through our 2-1-1 referral system individual caller requests where the top 8 requests (approx. 8%) of people asked for financial assistance/budgeting, approx. 85 calls during 2013. It is a 9 month program beginning with a mini retreat focusing; on the whole women with concentration of finance/budgeting. This program is open to single women of all ages that hopefully have a job and lots of energy and ambition to move forward in life, and is tailored after Leadership Ashland. The target area would include those single women where they make too much money to qualify for assistance from other programs, but not enough to get them over the hurdle(s) that keep them from moving forward. The program does not exclude those in the 200% of poverty level. With graduation scheduled in the fall and the hopes to send one “shining star” to Leadership Ashland the following year. Participant must be an Ashland County resident.

Over 30 mentors have expressed interest in helping with the program in hopes to build long-term relationships with the participants. Each participant will be paired with a mentor and hopes a financial mentor to provide more one-on-one for finance.

There is a $50 participant fee with scholarships available ..• we have had great response from individuals who want to sponsor someone … more information will be given at time of entry. One of the first exercises will be for thee participant to budget the $50 that was given for them to participate, so they would in turn sponsor someone next year.

Goats include; financial stability with hands on training, to empower women who are serious and excited about excelling in life, to create a support system greater than what is currently available to each participant, and to educate the participant about
resources that are available in Ashland County and to help open doors to new opportunities.

Topics of discussion from Community Professionals include, but not limited to:
Budgeting and Financial Development (main concentration), Goal Setting, Insurance, Investing, Retirement, Important Papers and Personal Growth(Your Will), Wellness/Healthy Living, Spirituality, menu planning, smart shopping, Self Awareness, Stress Management and Self Esteem, Business, Life Skills.


Brenda McQuillen, United Way 419-281-5551
Rosemarie Donley, Associated Charities 419-281-0661
Catherine Swope, Ashland Parenting Plus 419-281-3788