Hamburger Helper for Hunger

Dewey Meyer
Dewey Meyer was the first farmer to donate a cow

Cull cows knows as “Hamburger Helper” in United Way of Ashland County’s Hunger Initiative.

In the past five years United Way of Ashland County has watched closely the dramatic increase of many new food pantries and mobile food distribution sites, and several churches have opened their doors to free meals each week or month throughout Ashland County.

With poverty levels reaching over 20% for youth up to 18 years of age and a countywide poverty level showing 13-16%, we realize food on the table is a genuine concern for Ashland County families. A very unique food resource has been made available through the efforts of Al Holdren, President of Town & Country Co-Op, working with area farmers to donate “cull cows” that are processed by Turk Brothers into hamburger and distributed to food pantries throughout Ashland County.

Dewey Meyer was the first farmer to donate a cow to make “Hamburger Helpers” a reality. In two years, and several donated cows later by Ashland County farmers, over 5,000 pounds of hamburger has been distributed through the Ashland County Food Bank.
This unique Hunger Initiative has been implemented by United Ways throughout Ohio since it began in Ashland in 2013.

If a cull cow is donated to the hunger project the area farmer would be responsible to make the arrangements with Turk Brothers for delivery of the animal. United Way of Ashland County will provide an in-kind gift letter for any donation to be used as a tax deductible contribution.

Plans are being finalized for the buyer of any steer or pig purchased at the Ashland County Fair to be able to donate their purchase as an additional resource for food to the Ashland County Hunger Initiative.

For more details on cull cow donations please contact United Way of Ashland County at 419-281-5551 or email Ev DeVaul, Executive Director, at
Photo Caption: Dewey Meyer donated first cull cow

If you want quotes please contact: Ev DeVaul 419-281-5551 or Rosemarie Donley, Ashland County Food Bank 419-281-6061