Crunch Out Obesity

When the State of Ohio released the statistic that 44% of students in third grade in Ashland County were considered obese, United Way of Ashland County deemed this alarming fact unacceptable. Through the community partners of Ball, Bounce & Sport and the departments of Dietetics and Exercise Science at Ashland University, we developed the “Crunch Out Obesity” Impact model. The pro-gram, now in the fifth year, touches approximately 1,500 students in grades 4, 5 and 6 with initiatives on proper exercise and balancing good nutritional habits for a healthy life style. Each participant must complete a six week journal keeping track of exercise and eating habits. To be eligible for county wide recognition the students must complete an essay titled “I am living healthy.” Our special thanks to our physical education teachers for coordinating this meaningful project. Several United Ways across the country have adapted the “Crunch Out” model for their communities…a proven effort of finding local solutions to local community challenges!